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Attainment International S.A de C.V. is the first subsidiary we opened in Mexico. Its main activities are focused on providing maintenance and interventions in oil and gas wells.

Our current services cover extraction/introduction of sucker rod and progressive cavity pumping strings, swabbing and hot oil jobs.

We have an operational base in Poza Rica, in the state of Veracruz, Mexico. This location allows us to provide services from other subsidiaries that are also part of the group.

Attainment Internacional

Attainment – Ionos SA de CV

Attainment – Ionos SA de CV is a Mexican directional drilling subsidiary. We have an experimented team at a national and international level in the directional drilling of conventional and non-conventional wells, allowing us to provide the technical solutions that our customers need in order to face all kinds of technical challenges. Every day more horizontal/directional wells are being drilled worldwide. The increase in production has been optimized by drilling in a directional way in conjunction with the new techniques of fracturing and completion of wells. Directional wells represent 80% of the total wells drilled annually worldwide. These indicators impulse the creation of the company 4 years ago, as well as the search of an strategic alliance regarding the availability of tools and equipment allowing us to meet, with quality and best practices, customers expectations in Mexico.

Austral Attainment


Attainment Inttec S.A de C.V is a Mexican company, dedicated to provide integrity conditions studies of underground unpiggable pipelines using new and efficient inspection technologies applied for coating diagnosis and evaluation of Cathodic Protection Systems. This type of pipelines represents approximately ⅔ parts of all lines currently in service worldwide. Our approach is based on standards and best practices recognized such as API 1160, ASME B341.8S, NACE SP0502, among others.

Attainment Inttec has available a multidisciplinary team of more than 40 specialists that had provide this type of inspection and evaluation services in the last 12 years.

The company has also evaluated about 2000 kilometers of hydrocarbons transportation pipelines and the pipeline network of more than 80 flow stations, airplanes and marine terminals in countries such as Colombia, Chile and Venezuela.

Attainment Inttec

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